Monday, October 19, 2009

no really, send more postcards!

More postcards up at! Tell your friends! I've got some Coldplay, some Hold Steady, and some non-lyrics-related cards for you music haters out there...just kidding.

Just about to start re-reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and thinking about Miss Jen. (And Mr. Joe also--who provides a great link to Jonathan Safran Foer's take on vegetarianism) Tomorrow there is a meeting someplace far from here regarding a job I want to have eventually, so cross your fingers for me! I'm looking towards some big life changes soon so I promise I'll keep you all updated.

In other news, Operation: FALL09, otherwise known as Send T The Most Embarrassing Things In The Mail, has been going smoothly thus far. Most recent victory: sending a 3' x 3' poster promoting the ?new? Lynyrd Skynyrd a postcard. (translation: T had to carry this thing all the way back to his dorm without anything to cover it up.) Behold:

It is indeed majestic. Other ideas for embarrassing things to send are welcome! Keep in mind he doesn't read this blog!

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Theodore Taylor said...

God & Gods? Is that satirical or are they serious?