Monday, September 6, 2010

Autumn = Changes

I have many things to work on this month, otherwise known as the last month before I'm 25. Here are the things I hope to achieve:

- develop the ability to start a blog and continue updating it. That goes for this one* and Thaibreaker.
*actually, I'm going to transfer over to tumblr. More on that soon!
- find a place to live in nyc and move there on a semi-permanent basis
- get my finances in order, for real.
- start an exercise regimen I actually enjoy and stick to.
- make some good art (etsy postcards are a good start but not quite good enough)
- develop a plan for the next three years
- world domination
- if not the above, at least get one friend from richmond to move to nyc
- become organized or not as bossy or a good flosser