Friday, February 26, 2010

Suggestions for new Princeton courses

WARD 201: The Wonderful World of Tights - Though fortunately not plagued with the now-ubiquitous leggings-as-pants phenomenon, the female faction of the Princeton student body has yet to discover tights. It's winter. Why are your legs bare!?!

COOK 104: Cooking Safety - Judging from the multitude of signs in each community kitchen explaining that one should not place metal in a microwave or reheat cold pizza in the box (really?), Princeton students could afford (ha) to learn a thing or two about how to conduct oneself in a kitchen.

POLI 302: Conservative Victimization Tactics - featuring a case study of the infamous Anscombe Society and guest lectures by the editors of The Tory and members of CR, this class can be used to convince right-leaning students that they are, in fact, in the minority...and should learn to whine about it.

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