Monday, April 5, 2010

finally, brooklyn!!!

Dear Everyone,

The time has come for a life update! My end-of-January until now has been busybusybusy, full of movement, relocation, and lots of reading and riding on trains. This week I'll finally be settling into a quasi-normal schedule (fingers crossed) and here's the current deal:

1. I live in Brooklyn! I struck up a deal with a really cool lady (also from the South) who is letting me stay in her spare room in exchange for taking her adorable 11-year-old to school on the subway each morning. He's on spring break right now so I've yet to actually do this, but my hopes are high based on what a cool, nice family they are.

2. I'm interning at Planned Parenthood! I work in the PPFA HQ, and it's a blast. The people who work here are really cool and of course, nothing is more exciting (and, at times, riling) than Pro-Choice activism!

3. I'm also nannying for a really nice family in the East Village. Their baby is only 13 weeks old (awwww!) and so extremely, excruciatingly adorable.

4. In May/June, I'll be transitioning into a new and exciting project: working with Amy Richards and other feminist folk and helping them keep things organized. And I'll get to hang out with all the little feministy J-Term and summer camp-ers! Which I think will really be a blast. I'm looking forward to it SO MUCH!

5. T is turning in his thesis on Wednesday and then will start jobhunting for a gig in NYC! We're hoping to move to a real apt together in June/July. Then: housewarming party!!!!

I think that's mostly it! I'm absolutely and totally in love with NYC, and while I'd love to offer my bed/floor to visitors, right now that's not how things are--but if you are in town PLEASE let me know! I have the same RVA number as before.

I miss you all so much and I hope to see you very soon

ps. Here's a video from a concert I went to on Friday. It was amazing. I'm in love.

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