Wednesday, April 14, 2010

passing notes

Dear Guy on the subway conspicuously reading the New York Times on your iPad,

Congratulations on your glorified oversized Kindle/iPod combo. I'm pretty sure the protective casing emblazoned with a big Apple Logo cost more than I spent on food this week. Bravo.

Love (not really),


Dear Guy who gave me a free chocolate-covered strawberry on Sunday night,

That was very awesome of you; I had a terrible weekend and the free food (chocolate!) really helped turn my mood around. Also, what is your last name? Let's be facebook friends.

Love (platonically),


Dear PeachFrog,

I am so excited about my new dress (see below) for T's graduation--it's perfect!! I am a little more excited that I bought it for $25 when this site sells it for $184. SCORE!!!!

Love (a lot!!!),

new dress by Alice & Olivia:


Theodore Taylor said...

I secretly want an iPad.

Meg said...

1. Don't hate because you're jealous of that dude's TOTALLY SWEET CHICK-GETTING TECHNOLOGY.

2. Was it the dude from ChocoBar? You KNOW he doesn't love you platonically, right? Remember all those boys in high school who you were "just friends" with who loved you anyway? HE IS ONE AND THE SAME.

3. I love the dress and I'm so glad you found something perfect!

Lana said...