Friday, October 24, 2008

oh my god: I'm 23.

So it's been a week since I last updated, and here's what's been going on.

In the span of 7 days, I have:
- secured a place to live in Richmond (address and photo below, please note jeffersonian columns)
- moved all (okay, 95%) of my belongings into my apartment in Richmond (from Roanoke)
- been to 3 days of work and one 7-hr weekend training
- had my apartment cleaned by the Green Earth Cleaning Crew
- spent $200+ at target
- gotten my bike fixed and ridden it around
- hung out with a variety of friendly richmond folk, incl. my dear sister, bobby, and new friend zack (who i met at megan's wedding!)
- found a fantastic thai restaurant
- discovered how to make my gmail status into a lobster (type in "V.v.V")
- officially decided not to do Explo again next summer, and experienced the sadness involved--ie. MISSING ALL THE COOL PPL (and i think you know who you are).
- formed an undeniable coffee addiction and a possible Ellwood Thompson addiction

Things I still need to do:
- find and volunteer at the Richmond BOHQ
- go to the farmer's market
- buy a light for my bike
- finish unpacking
- purchase a couch, comfy chair, desk, and broom
- get paid.

home sweet home, 110 N Boulevard #10


EllwoodThompsons said...

Hi! Welcome to Richmond and thank you so much for shopping at E.T.! Which Thai place did you discover? Farmers Market season is wrapping up here in Richmond but make sure you check out the Lakeside Market on Wednesdays 8-12 and 3-7 or Saturdays 8-noon they will be open through November and have many great growers that we feature at Ellwood Thompson's Local Market.

carly said...

I found Thai Ginger Taste in Carytown....from what I understand there are quite a few great Thai places around here but there's one back in Charlottesville that I LOVE (Lemongrass!!) and I always try to find whichever one is most like that...

Thanks so much for the tips!

carly said...

*ginger thai taste