Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picking up steam!!

Hellooo friends!

Time for an all-around update! In the past couple of days, my job search has really picked up steam! Today I had a phone interview with U.S. PIRG for a spot as a campus organizer (I know, sounds a little sketchy, I'll stay alert for weirdness, don't worry). Friday I'm heading over to Richmond for a job interview with ROSMY (like I mentioned before) and also to check out some apartments, just in case.

Today I also found out that I've been accepted to the interview stage of the New York City Teaching Fellows program, which is a program through which you earn a [subsidized] master's degree in education whilst teaching at a school in NYC (and getting paid the same as a regular teacher!!). I got to the interview round last year but dropped out at the last minute because I got accepted to Explo.

Ohhhh Explo. I don't yet know if I want to go back next year, so I'm keeping it on my radar (and joining the 09 Staph fbook group for good measure). Also on the radar:

Taking the GRE at the end of this month so I can apply to:

1. UMD's PhD Program in Women's Studies
2. CUNY's Master's program in "Liberal studies" (w/ women's studies concentration)
3. Whatever else I want!!

Annnndddd of course, there's always COLUMBIA!!

So that's what's going on in the long-term future right now. In the near future, I've got:

- This weekend: Megan's wedding/reception/partayyy!!!
- Halloween weekend: NYC!!
- Nov. 7th(ish?) Tamar's show!! (Rachel's going too right??)
- Nov. 10th: Felice Brothers and Conor Oberst in DC!!

woo! So it's been getting busy and things are rolling. In a good way. Not like, heads. No heads are rolling.


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