Friday, September 19, 2008

cross your fingers for me!

I just applied for a job up at the Women's Media Center in NYC--and I got Amy Richards to write me a little recommendation! SO EXCITING!

Today was my "first" shift (if you don't count the years I worked there in HS) at the Grandin and it felt really nice. Very relaxed, lots of time to knit and read, hanging out with Jason and some really nice new faces too.

The low-down on what happened for the rest of my trip is still coming, swear!

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Tamar said...

I read every word of every post. I know the year isn't shaping up to what you expected it to be but I hope and trust you'll have a great year anyway. I'm slightly sad you were in the same state (PA) as I'm in and couldn't come to visit... but you were on the exact opposite side so I'll let it go. HOWEVER! I do really miss you and we have to have a real conversation soon.