Thursday, September 18, 2008


So we all know it's time for an update that is looooong overdue (right Tamar?). The reason I've kept mum about the last ten days or so is because some of the time, I avoided people. Some of the time, it was really awkward. Some of the time it was really fun of course, but overall there are people I wish I could have talked to, hung out with, or said things to that I just couldn't. So it's been hard to sort all that out and convince myself that all the decisions I made were what's best for me, and if that makes me a selfish bitch, whatever, and if that makes me a human, fine.

So starting LAST Tuesday, here's what I've been up to:

Left from Roanoke and drove (the family van) to Charlottesville. Met up with Jen after she got off work and went to Rachel's house for DELISH vegetarian lasagna. At 8 we went to CLAW, which was really hilarious and entertaining and awesome, but in the back of my mind I was thinking of the FIFE dessert party, which was from 8:30-9:30. In the interest of stopping by there and also because the crowd was making me feel a bit woozy, I left CLAW at around 8:45, stopping only briefly to say hi to Harrison and forgetting to say hi/bye to Lauren (sorry Lauren!!)

The dessert party exceeded my wildest expectations. There were tons of people, and all of them were engaged and talking and having fun. My arrival was a bit of a surprise, and I was excited to cause a little stir, but things got back on track quickly and I got to say hi to old and new FIFErs alike. It was fabulous. Afterwards I got to spend time with my favorite protege, one miss Nora Eakin, and I really had been missing that. So it was good.

That night I slept at Joe and Jen's ("The Big Chill!!") and had lunch with them the next day (LEMONGRASS!!!!!)...

...then headed out to PHILLY to see my [Explo] friend, Jay. I found my way to Penn pretty easily--although the traffic was CRAZY--and after I arrived we got some Hummus for dinner (the place is actually called Hummus) and then took his residents (who all think we're dating) to a gelato place, where the oh-so-generous Ivy League school bought me (and all of us) tasty gelato! It was pretty bizarre to be talking to his residents, who were freshmen, because they are the same age as my little sister and it made me feel old and crap, but whatever. They were really nice. Then we went back to campus and took a little tour, and hung out, etc. It was really fun. Jay has a very comfy couch.

In the morning, Travis called me to confirm our concert plans for that night, and said that the earliest he could meet me in Old Chatham was around 6:30, which meant that I was going to drive up there veryyyyyy slowly, pack lightning fast, and then when he arrived, pack the van and RUN! That was the plan, at least. What really happened is that I drove up slowly, did some business in [Regular] Chatham (paying off my late video fines, grabbing some stuff at the CVS, giving the lady I was going to work for at the bakery a card thanking her for being so kind and helpful), then went to the farmhouse around 5pm and said hi to Maude and then ran upstairs and tried to pack as quickly as possible. It was hard; I have a lot of shit. I also was filthy. So I showered and packed everything up into boxes, most of which were too heavy for me to carry. The whole time I was thinking about how bad I felt about leaving, but slowly a sense of relief was creeping up...the only thing I still feel bad about is that now I don't live an hour from Rachel Cummings, who is one of the most awesome people I've ever met. (I'm sorry Rachel!)

Anyway, we packed up the van, and by that I mean, Travis packed up the van and I assisted, and soon we were heading up to Albany for the Felice Brothers concert!!!!! We found the place, parked, I locked my keys in the van (eek!), but we put that aside and got into the venue just as the opener was playing his last couple songs. Like the true seat vultures we are (yes, there were seats, not standing, weird huh?) we scooted up to the front rows, asking around for spots that were open, and snagged some FANTASTIC seats about four rows back on the side of Simone, the drummer, who is super intense and super handsome. Their set was great, there was some dancing (both on stage and off), and it was overall a great time. When it was over, Travis and I went back to the vans and remembered that one (mine) was locked, with the keys inside. I then had to go through the humiliation that is calling AAA, joining AAA, and asking them to come save you from being an idiot. A half-hour of dilly dallying later, the AAA guy came and unlocked it in a microsecond. Meanwhile I had called my sister to have her google the location of the nearest IHOP, because what says post-concert meal like pancakes and coffee? Well we drive all the way out there and guess what? IT WAS CLOSED!!! Yes, that's right--the IHOP. Was. Closed. What the fuck? Angry and hungry, we condensed into a single van (left mine in a mall parking lot, because it was too crammed with stuff to fit two people) and drove down some random roads--and found a Denny's! Sweet, sweet Denny's.

**this is getting really long! sorry!!**

We rang in everyone's favorite day of the week over pancakes (I ordered four, but bluffed that I could eat 8, to which Travis replied that if I ate eight pancakes he would write me a letter every day for a year, but of course I couldn't even eat 4, or 3 even) and coffee. A few hours later we went back to my van and looted it for blankets and pillows, stuffed everything into Travis's van, and fell asleep. I woke up around 9 and had to pee, so I went in the mall. When I got back T was still asleep (what is it with boys and sleeping??) so I woke him up and we went for more coffee (are you noticing a theme here?) and also wandered around in a nearby Halloween store, which was fun until we got to the awkward Sexy Police Officer/Hogwarts Student/Nurse/Fairy costume section. Ew. Oh Halloween, why must you be so gendered? In revolt, we planned to go as a pimp and ho--Travis being the ho of course.

Then we were sort of tired and lazy, so we saw Burn After Reading, which we both enjoyed a lot. Then we ACTUALLY ate at IHOP. Then we parted ways.

I was headed to Brooklyn, but as I was (a) in the van and (b) it was filled beyond the point of any rear or side visibility I decided I didn't want to drive INTO Brooklyn. So instead I drove to Lyndhurst (sp?) NJ, took a NJTransit train to Secaucus, transfered to a Penn-Station-bound train, hopped on the downtown C, transferred to the F at Jay St, got off at 7th and 9th and walked ten blocks to Steph!!! That was a really fun (but too short!!) visit, although I was worried about my Van O' Belongings the whole time. Steph's roommate was nice, and gave me and Steph one of the best compliments I've gotten re: friends, which was that we are "perfectly matched" in pace, the way we talk, etc. Which is so true! It was great. Even though I'm annoyed that you will probably get that PP job, Steph, you know I <3 you.

Okay, this is ridiculously long. If you've gotten to this point, you deserve an award. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will come later.

LUFF to anyone who comments!!


Caty Curious said...

yeah. you're old... and stupid.

i've locked my keys in that van at least 10 times... and i always get it open with a hanger and a screwdriver. simple as pie.

Caty Curious said...

oh btw it's jordan. i'm doing an experiment. that's why that's my name.

nora said...

i'm glad i'm still your favorite protege