Tuesday, September 9, 2008

job search update!

As I prepare to embark on my trek to more northern climes, where I will reclaim all my worldly possessions and possibly marry Simone Felice, I am also starting to search (somewhat frantically) for a "real" job. Now, don't get me wrong, Jason Garnett already put me back on the employee list at the Grandin, and I understand how fortunate I am to get to work at a job in which absolutely nothing is expected of me and I get to eat free popcorn and watch free movies. But something is still missing...

It might be a place of my own. It might be any amount of money over minimum wage. It might be a sense of purpose.

Whatever it is, I've gone back to reading the daily idealist.org digests and today I found out that...

CTY IS HIRING OUTREACH COORDINATORS aka cheerleaders/recruiters. Um, yes please.

So I'm applying to that, and I also applied for a job at the VA Skyline Girl Scout Council, and I have an interview with them next week. I'm also hoping to at least be interviewed for a job I wanted at PP in cville, but someone I know also applied for that and she is pretty amazing and they would be insane to not hire her.

Wish me luck!!

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