Sunday, November 22, 2009

seven days of thankfulness : day four

So this post is a little late, but it still counts because today (ie. Saturday) I am thankful for the thing that kept me up so late! Today I am thankful for another group of friends--the ones that get the giggles, indulge in finger moustaches and other acts of imaginative play, have awesome houses in the northside (with a fucking PINBALL MACHINE) and hospitality to match, and who find the humor in fat guys wearing Behemoth (the band) t-shirts. Plan 9 family, I love you.

A gift from Mr. Lett to all of Plan 9 -- Nabisco treats up the wazoo

Moustache crew. A teenage boy customer actually asked to have his photo taken with us.

Rob's living room--one wall of several. damn!

Cookie-making! Hopefully Rob won't kill me for posting this.

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Theodore Taylor said...

Jeez louise, that is a lot of CDs... And I thought I had a lot...