Thursday, November 19, 2009

seven days of thankfulness : day two

Howdie folks!

Starting this series of posts has been a really great idea, because I'm having a hard time categorizing all my favorite things for which I am most grateful into seven neat little categories. Today I would like to say that I am grateful for my apartment. Now, I know that I pay way too much for the luxury of living alone, and that admittedly bad decision is something I live with every day (ie. not nearly as many pumpkin spice lattes as I would like). But in a way that makes me love it that much more. And I will say this: not many things are more satisfying than coming home from a long day of working, babysitting, and going to grownup art class to a beautiful, colorful, all-mine apartment!

The Red Room, Jan 2009

The Great Paint

The mess after last year's xmas party...

...and some more recent destruction

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Theodore Taylor said...

Aw, Richmond apartments...