Friday, November 20, 2009

seven days of thankfulness : day three

today I am thankful for my favorite form of art: 35mm photography! It's not that I don't like paintings, prints, etchings, dance (swing dancing!), music, poetry,'s just that I feel most skilled with and attached to 35mm film. I got my first camera from my dad when I was in middle school--an old Minolta--and had no effing clue how to use it. Much later, I took a not-for-credit photography class in college and things just sort of...clicked! And while everyone who's anyone LOVES them some digital photography (yours truly included)...there's something special about something more concrete. How many memories have I held in my hand, hidden inside a disposable camera, whilst rushing to Wal Mart for their 1-hour photo service? Hint: a lot. (And who can beat having to use a SCANNER to get that shit online to your angelfire website? Gah I'm old.)

A couple of my favorite old-school version photos, scanned and otherwise:

The view from the St. Louis Arch

Best Second Grade Class EVER

Me & T, Summer 2000

The Grandin


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