Thursday, August 21, 2008

Apple uses psychic technology

So I was just sitting here listening to itunes on shuffle and reading some of my favorite blogs (see right-hand column) and a song came on that so uncannily described a thought I had the other day that I had to write about it.

Maude's physical therapy place is about 30 minutes away in a town called Ghent (well it's sort of in Hudson, which is next to Ghent, but whatever, all the towns are the fucking same anyway: dunkin donuts, gas station, post office, flora, fauna, etc) and on the way there we pass a cemetery. And I always wonder, is it weird to be an old person and look at a cemetery? Is it extra super sad? Especially for an atheist old person like Maude?

Like most people, I have some songs on my iTunes that I've never listened to, or at least never listened to closely. So just now, one of those songs came on and I was just shocked by its relevance:

Old people in the cemetery
what must they be thinking of?
must be frightening must be scary
to visit the grave of a close friend
who was the same age as you when they died

-Old People In The Cemetery, by Of Montreal


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