Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Not Good At Blogging!

So I've already lapsed by 2.5/3 days since the last post--sorry! Here is an update on what's been going on in the OC.

Yesterday, Maude and I went into town to go clothes shopping and to pick up a few groceries. There's a fancy-shmancy clothing store that Maude really likes and we went in there and she bought a ridiculous amount of clothes. I bought a skirt that is really cute and colorful, but it cost $40:I think it's pretty obvious that I am doing some retail therapy to counteract the fact that although this house and town and area are all really nice, it's very quiet/boring/lonely. Oh well.

Other attempts at staving off complete boredom have included:

- buying and watching the 7th season of Gilmore Girls
- going jogging
- doing yoga
- starting weekly writing challenges with Jen
and of course, READING!! Please continue to give me suggestions for good books to check out of the library and/or purchase at the used book shop.

In other news, I am planning on going to Northampton, Mass on Sept 5 to see THE FELICE BROTHERS in concert!! SO exciting!! I'm also working on convincing my friend Travis, who lives just outside Utica, to come with me to see them on Sept 11 in Albany. Woo!

Here is a promised photo of my little study area, which is in my spare room/guest room/study/yoga room: that's a map of northern Columbia county on the wall above my desk there.

And last but not least, the anecdote about how cool me and Rachel's friend Megan is:

She is acquainted with Ellen Wittlinger, the author of my #1 most favoritest book when I was in middle school, Hard Love. Ms. Wittlinger has recently published a sequel/companion book to Hard Love and Megan said that she's going to get me a SIGNED COPY!!!!! omggggzhfajsdhlfajk!

That's all the excitement for now!

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Jordan said...

I want to see the felice brothers!