Thursday, August 14, 2008

The First Day

Today, Maude (not her real name, but I couldn't resist the nickname, sorry, shut up, I love Bud Cort) came back from rehab, where she's been staying for about a month because she hurt/broke her leg. Her daughter brought her home and has been helping us get things set up all day. We did a bit of cleaning, a lot of chatting, and then I drove Maude out to her Physical Therapy (PT) appointment, which is about 30 minutes away. We'll be going out there twice a week which is fine with me because a. I get an excuse to drive around and Columbia County is freaking beautiful and b. her physical therapist, Corey, is really cute. On the drive there and back, here are the things I learned about Maude:

1. She married a soldier when she was 17 and he was killed in WWII a year later.
2. She dated her second husband, a novelist, for three years while he was married to someone else before he got a divorce and married her.
3. She typically has a drink every afternoon around 4pm--bourbon or a gin and tonic
4. She is friends with lots of gay people
5. She's really nice.

Also on the way home, we got pulled over by a cop for speeding and/or not stopping for a pedestrian, but somehow (despite the fact that I didn't even have my registration) I managed to get off with just a warning. YIKES! OLD CHATHAM PO-POs HAVE ME ON THEIR RADAR!

For info about what I did Monday-Wednesday, check out my new facebook photo album!


Meg said...

I checked your facebook album, which said check your blog for more details.


A bit of circular logic, Miss!

Tamar said...

Gee, you saw some really cool people Monday-Wednesday. Looks like fun!