Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, it's been a day of ups and downs (or rather, downs and ups). This morning my dad called me at 7:50am to say that if I want to buy a computer, he will put it on his credit card, and then dip into the Aunt Sophie Money (aka The Money I'm Supposed To Wait Until I Turn 25 To Use, Oh Well) on my behalf and pay for it. Well too bad for you Daddy because I already bought it with my very own credit card! Woo! I'm still going to need that AS Money to pay it off though. Heh.

Anyway, then I got up and showered and brought my application in to the bakery where I want to work--called Our Daily Bread. It seems like a pretty nice place and it's only 15 minutes away from the house. The lady there told me to come see her tomorrow at 2:30 so that we can have a real sit-down. And you know what the first thing she said was when I handed her my application? "Wow, you've got really nice handwriting!" See? I knew all that practice would one day pay off.

Anyway, that means that tomorrow I have a meeting with her (Allie) and a meeting with the manager of a dinner restaurant (Marcia -- The Blue Plate) in the hopes of finding some way to work, fill up my time, and meet cool people.

Then I drove out to a place called Hudson, which seemed like a pretty nice place. The total number of 20-30 year olds that I've seen in this entire area is still somewhere around fourteen, but maybe two or three of them were in Hudson. Also I saw TWO fliers for the Felice Brothers' upcoming show(s) in the area so that made me happy. I am planning on going to at least two of their three area shows, and hopefully I'll meet some cool folks there!

This entry so far sounds about 748932% more upbeat than I was feeling earlier and most of that is due to my good (amazing) friend RACHEL!!! After Hudson I spent the afternoon moping/napping/watching the neverending story/having a pity party because I'm not having a SUPERAWESOMEFUN time up here. It's effing freezing cold and as I mentioned there's a serious lack of young people. What's more, I'm going to have to get some crappy part-time job in a bakery or restaurant, the likes of which I could just as easily get in VA, where my friends are. Not only that but everything is spread wayyyy out around here, and not in a cute, ride-your-bike-to-the-next-town way, but in a the-roads-between-the-towns-have-55mph-speed-limits way. Boo.

So I brought my complaints up with some of my wisest and nicest friends (Jen, Lauren Russo, etc) and everyone pretty much said that it's up to me and that I can either stick it out or find a way to escape. But then I talked to Rachel and she was like YOU'RE NOT QUITTING!! and she had a rebuttal for pretty much all of my complaints.

After we spoke I still was a little crabby about it but I'm starting to almost maybe think about accepting and making the best of this. I don't know. Rachel is coming this weekend and we're going to go out to the bar (yes there's only one in Chatham and it's a Welch bar called Peint O Gwrw) and other possibly hip places; Rachel is like the #1 person to go try to find friends with because she is SO friendly and SO cool (also she inadvertently attracts lap-dance-loving puerto rican lesbians sometimes).

Well that's it, in a nutshell. I'm on a first-name basis with the guy who runs the Sneak Reviews-esque video rental place, and I keep thinking about all you lucky Virginians (the Roanoke sect and the Cville sect) and how much I MISS YOU ALL but I think I'll make it through this boredom and isolation.

I think.

Please send me letters!

PS. NORA and JESSE --> I fully expect for you to video chat me at least once during a fife meeting! Or maybe you can have all the old FIFErs say hi to me during a dessert party!! I miss fife.... :(


Jordan said...

i experienced my first stayuprealllllylate night! i also made a vblog. check it out. DUH!

Jen said...

i really dont think you should quit either!

this year is sort of a big WTF is going on moment for everyone i think. (at least around here)
At least have an adventure sort of! (instead of staying on the streets you know so well)
<3 you

lauren said...

oh you are getting a job! wasn't that my advice too? a bakery even! lane is gonna be so jealous. she made me the best biscotti yesterday.

i am confident that you will meet people and get more settled in having a job at a bakery.

but i still support you doing whatever you want to do.

Tamar said...

Didn't the Puerto Rican have a boyfriend? And yes, she is lovely. And if I didn't have this pesky school thing I'd be out there this weekend, too, and you know it.