Friday, August 29, 2008

lightning-fast update

so today i realized that i'm not getting a bit better (still have a fever, feel like shit, etc), and my cough has gotten much worse actually. so I called Maude's nearest son, who lives an hour away, to see if he could take me back to the doc, and what he said was that no he really can't, and also, they will probably have to admit me, because whatever i have is resistant to antibiotics.

so then i called my mom very upset because I can't drive myself to the hospital seeing as it's 35 mins away (in another state actually) and i'm on like 3 meds that say "don't drive while on this!!" and she was so mad that Maude's son wouldn't take me that she's going to come up here (on a plane I guess) and take me and all my stuff back to Roanoke to go to the hospital (just me, not the stuff, that goes back to my house I guess).

more as it develops

cough cough hack die

ps. mccain picked a woman VP--big shocker.

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