Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today was a very busy day. After a bustling morning of lazing about, rifling through my two memento boxes, brushing my hair, imagining different furniture configurations, and throwing clothes around the floor, I made it out of the OC towards RC (regular Chatham) for my two job interviews.

First I went over to Our Daily Bread, a vegetarian cafe and bakery. I met with the manager, Allie, who is TOTALLY AWESOME. Here's the rundown: she's in her late 30s, single, ex-corporate bigwig, very down-to-earth and she once visited cville and went to the Mudhouse and remembers it!! So that was sort a weird connection we had, since I worked there for a summer. We hit it off really well, and she decided to hire me!! WOO! It might be because of the Mudhouse thing (aka because I can pour lattes with little hearts on them) but who cares? She explained that the shop is really laid back and basically the neatest place ever. Here's what it looks like:

At one point during the interview, all the customers left and the two [really nice] girls that were working turned up the music (Aretha Franklin!) and started dancing around, and Allie and I laughed along; it was a great moment. I got to meet both of the girls, and they are both really nice. And THEN Allie mentioned that she is sort of sick of the music selection they have and I volunteered to bring in some new tunes (JEN PLEASE HELP ME!). So that is a great perk: getting to pick music. Here are the other perks:

- Getting paid 8.50/hr (off the books if I prefer)
- Free cookies, cupcakes, bread, etc
- I can wear whatever I want
- Friends!! (One of the girls invited me to go out to some bars with her and her friends sometime/this weekend!)
- Being slightly older than most of the employees, which means Allie might let me be the regular closer, which means I would get paid more and also get to boss some people around
- Parker Posey is a regular there

That's all I can think of for now, but basically, I'm thrilled to have SOMETHING to do! I start next week and I'll keep everyone posted on that.

After my interview, I went to the video store (Video Visions, so 80s) and wandered around/pet Steve's (the owner's) dogs, and picked a foreign film called Caramel. Then I went to my second interview, at a fancyshmancy restaurant called The Blue Plate.

The lady in charge there was also nice, but she said she doesn't have a spot for me yet but probably in around a month or so. Also, she said I can learn to BARTEND!!!! AWESOME! I am really excited about that because I have [not-so-]secretly always wanted to bartend because it seems really fun and cool and it gives you great arms (ha). So that's another good thing.

Lots of good stuff. I'm still homesick/cvillesick/fifesick but i'm making it....


Meg said...

So much fun!

..I don't have a substantive comment, I'm just being BLOG SUPPORTIVE!

Jordan said...

sounds like a rad job!!! parker posey and i have the same birthday!! you should tell her that. and tell her she's amazing.

i luff you!

Jen said...

play like a call by architecture in helsinki. :) I decided its very coffee shop bakery esque